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Obituary for Michael C Hios

Michael (Bub) Hios, 75, passed away on Monday, September 12, 2022, in Plymouth,
Massachusetts surrounded by his loving family. Eight short months after the loss of our Mom
(Mimi), the love of Bub’s life, they are now reunited. We know Mimi is already bossing Bub
around and they are both loving every minute of it. We can picture them in Hawaii, arm in arm,
while Bub cracks one of his inappropriate jokes and Mimi swats him in the arm using one of her
favorite obscenities.

So much can be said about Bub. He was a great man, committed husband, and adoring father.
We have a lifetime of memories and stories to tell, yet it was still not enough time. Here are
just a few things we would like to share about Bub:

Bub was a snappy dresser, who took fashion cues from no one and made sure his clothes were
always color-coordinated. Bub was an accomplished musician and instilled his love for music in
all of his children and grandchildren.

Bub never hesitated to help anyone in need, whether it be family, friends or strangers. We have
countless memories of Bub jumping into action when someone was in need. One memory in
particular stands out. While we were traveling through New York driving on the bridge a cab
driver jumped out of his cab because he was being stabbed by a passenger. Much to Mimi’s
chagrin Bub jumped out to assist the driver without a second thought. He just believed in what
was right and fair.

He made sure his strong work ethic and sense of pride in a job well done was passed on to his
children. Bub was not always a man of many words, but what he did say was impactful and
truthful, and always with his sick sense of humor, which luckily was another trait passed on to
his children and grandchildren.

Our Dad was one of a kind. He worked hard and still had time for his four children. We filled
his days with incessant questions from “why is the sky blue?” to “why is the moon half full?”
And he always had an answer. It was usually the same answer to every question, but he took
the time to answer, nonetheless. He was always willing to give us advice and try to guide us in
the right direction, while allowing us to make our own decisions and mistakes. Perhaps one of
the most important pieces of advice Bub bestowed upon us was educating us on the dangers of
holding in your farts.

Bub was a fantastic cook. One of his favorite dishes to make from our childhood was “Hot Dog
Ri-Roni”, which was promptly spit into a napkin. Or fat pieces of meat and half popsicles, and
we cannot forget about his 30 days of making potatoes 30 different ways. All joking aside he
was a great cook but wasn’t allowed in the kitchen when Mimi was cooking. Somehow, he
always found his way in to turn the stove down.

He was a prolific artist. He was not only an accomplished musician, who played with and
recorded songs with many local bands over the years. His wood carvings, especially of tiki idols
are exceptional, cherished works of art, some of which are still on display at a North Shore
establishment. He was also great at drawing. His acclaimed comic series, “The Buttskis”
brought laughter and joy to all who were blessed enough to see it

He will be sorely missed but we find solace in knowing he is now back in the arms of his beloved
wife, Linda (Mimi). He is survived by his children Michael Hios, II and his wife Sheila Field,
Deborah Rodrigues and her husband Jorge Rodrigues, Tara Picardy and her husband David
Picardy, and Jamie Hios; his grandchildren Tamera Powers and husband Mark Powers, Cody
Picardy, Mackenzie Picardy, Cassia Picardy, Michael Hios and Vicente Rodrigues and his Great-
grandchild Luke Powers. He will also be missed by his siblings Emmanuel (Nole) Hios, Mary
Erwin and Ronald Hios, his cousin and honorary sister Millie Bergeron, numerous nieces and
nephews, and countless friends. He is predeceased by his parents Charles and Lillian Hios.