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Obituary for Scott Dennis Barclay

Scott Dennis Barclay (AKA “McDote”) died on September 3, 2020 at 61 after a several
years battle with cancer and other self-inflicted illnesses. He had been in and out of the
hospital numerous times over the past few years, including this past winter when all of
the medical experts had predicted his demise, but he had always beaten the odds and
returned like a phoenix to his burning-the-candle-at-both-ends ways until the very end
until his 9+ lives finally caught up with him.

He was the #3 son of Tom and Mary Barclay, spending his early years on Wadsworth
Rd. in Duxbury. Although his lifestyle did not earn him accolades as a role model, he
had a heart of gold and had hundreds of close friends of all ages. He was cowboy
nicknamed “McDote” at an early age which stuck with him throughout his lifetime (many
people thought that was his real name).

He loved boating and fishing, but seldom followed the rules for either. He loved snow
and water skiing, proudly skiing past sister Diedre’s wedding reception in Humarock in
nothing but his birthday suit. He went to college for two weeks where he practiced his
pool game. His favorite day of the year was his own birthday (August 1 st ), when he’d
celebrate/imbibe himself for at least a week. His most infamous escapade was the
police chase and shootout he instigated in Duxbury when he “borrowed” the family car
keys at 17 while his parents were away, resulting in a bullet ridden car and his 1 st trip (of
many to come) to the pokey. For those that are owed money (the line is long), one of
his most common expressions was “Id rather owe you than screw you out of it”.

“Scottie” was quite a character, and will be remembered fondly by most everyone who
ever came in contact with him. He had a great sense of humor, an infectious smile, a
big heart, a careless attitude, an aversion to hard work, and always had a line of BS for
any circumstance he would find himself in. He will be sorely missed by family and

He is survived by brothers Timmy (fiancé Suzanne) and Keith (wife Meg) of Kingston
and sister Diedre (partner Dwayne) of Duxbury, as well as a slew of
nephews/nieces/step niece (Jesse, Troy, Jeffrey, Adlie, Julia, Shannon, and Katie), and
several grandnephews and a grandniece (Paxon, Greyson, and Paisley). He is
predeceased by his brothers Brett (1984) and Kevin (2009).
The family will be holding a remembrance post-Covid, likely next spring/summer at a
venue yet to be determined. Per his wishes, his ashes will be spread into Duxbury Bay.

Obituary loving written by the family of Scott "McDote" Barclay